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Shhhhh. What we're about to talk about is forbidden. Promise not to tell? Let me pull back the curtains ...

The whole world is crazy. But every other person thinks crazy is normal!!!​​

I'm talking about control, willpower and the "Just Do It" mentality. 

Eating Enlightenment is the realization that control, willpower, and trying to JUST DO IT never works.

The more you try to control your weight loss and force your body to look a certain way, the more weight you gain. 

 It's a hard thing to accept. Not everybody is ready to accept this. 

But there's a different paradigm. 

A paradigm based on intuitive eating, the potential to be healthier at every size ...

In this new paradigm you can be healthy. You can be well. You can be proud.

You might not ever look like the instagram model or lose as much weight as you want. 

But, not everybody is meant to skinny. And that's ok. 

You can still tap into your intuition, make peace with food, stop obsessing about food, stop binge eating, move your body, and feel good in your body.

So if you're looking for a drastically thinner body image and to lose tons of weight Eating Enlightenment is NOT for you. 

At Eating Enlightenment we realize that if the traditional way of control and willpower hasn't worked for you ...

And you're a spiritual person who likes yoga, learning new things, and values your health... 

If trying to lose weight and 'be good' with food has made you lose control around food...

If plans, cleanses, detoxes, protocols, diet programs and wellness haven't worked for you ...

But instead made you crazy with crazy constant food thoughts ...

Or thoughts about thin-ness, or calories ...

And you Just Can't Stop Thinking About Food ...

Then welcome to The Enlightenment. 

That's right. There's a revolution underfoot, and you're invited.

What you're about to read about will shock you. So, you've been warned. Proceed cautiously. 

If you listen to me you're gunna have your world flipped upside down, and quite frankly - seriously - not everybody is ready to have their world flipped around. 

Now how did I, a young privileged grateful athletic white dude, master's counselor and coach, hear about The Enlightenment?

Well, it all started in highschool when I first started to seriously try losing weight.

I was on the wrestling team so I cut weight and developed disordered eating habits. Life went downhill. I'll spare you the sob story for later once you get to know me ...

Basically things got worse and I started coping with marijuana. I became addicted to marijuana. 

I became miserable enough to drop out of college. Decided life was hopeless, so why the fuck not
 become a Zen Monk for 13 months?

That's when I heard about The Enlightenment.​​

What's The Enlightenment? You can get low down and my full story in my about page, here.

Since my Enlightenment and growing this successful eating counseling coaching biz then I've interview dozens of experts on my Eating Youtube channel ...

And helped 100+ individual coaching clients to stop binge eating and finally solve their eating problems. 

take a peak at the dozens of video success stories! )

Nowadays I'm able to Be My Self.

And that's what I want for you too. I want you to be you. Your original, whole Self. 

That's why I love blogging about this stuff! Because your Self and my Self ...

The key to solve this whole mess we're all in - from climate change to politics to weight loss and life itself ...

Is returning to our natural Self.

Feel free to meet some other crazy people in my free private Eating Enlightenment facebook group too!

Browse through the content below to see what connects with you ... 

My business is based on long term relationships that I primarily cultivate through email, blogging and facebook.

My aim is to provide genuinely useful and entertaining content for you so that you can stop overeating and become your authentic self.

I sincerely thank you for reading this far. I know you're busy, and I appreciate your time. 

Are you ready? Scroll down and read through the categories and my latest blog posts. 

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Don't take too long to make up your mind. 

Society might brainwash you right after you leave this tab. Pick up my Mindful Eating Guide down below if you're curious :)

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About Jared


I'm Jared

I became so desperate due to food and shame, I dropped out of college and became a Zen Monk for 13 months! I didn't know what else to do!! And after a 10 years journey of therapy, coaching, programs, etc etc ... I finally reclaimed my inner brilliance, my inner light. I experienced the freedom of Eating Enlightenment. And now I've developed a system rooted in Intuitive Eating, Mindfulness and modern science that has helped close to 100 other women and men break free of their food struggles and return to food normalcy.


"When my mentality behind eating changed, I gradually stopped emotional eating and paradoxically weight loss became the result of that change!"

Paulina Lang

1 Million Followers @fluffyface_enzo

I've dieted and binged ever since I was 13. After working with Jared for 3 months I nearly entirely stopped binge eating. A few more months of practice on my own and I finally stopped! I even lost lost weight over the holidays!

Gina Solis
Mother of 4, Marketing Manager 

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