Are you ready to stop binge eating and emotional eating ... & realize Eating Enlightenment? 

40+ Years Binge Eating ... How My Client Healed In 5 Months 

Interview Reveals All Of Her Binge Eating Enlightenment Secrets
(The Same Strategies Many Other Clients Have Used Too!)

Interview Reveals All Of Her Binge Eating Enlightenment Secrets (The Same Strategies Many Other Clients Have Used Too!)

Hi there friend! Welcome 🙂
Here's mindful place where you can begin to stop binge and emotional eating.
My journey healing through eating would have been impossible without mindfulness & the eastern wisdom traditions ... (read my story to learn more)
Below you can get a feel for the unique art & treatment of mindfulness, yoga and intuitive eating which worked for me personally and dozens of clients.

1/8) Right View 
Dieting Is Samsara

Have you ever dieted before but gained back even more weight?

Or tried to control your calories, food intake, etc ... only to fail again and again?

 What if this wasn't your fault? 

What if weight loss from dieting was a temporary illusion that caused binge eating and emotional eating?

And that there was a new and different way ...

yo yo dieting

2/8) Right Thinking 
Binge Eating Is Ignorance Of Karma

What if diet companies were evil ... and had convinced you to diet because they knew you would fail? 

After you failed ... you blamed yourself ... it was your fault.

But what if this was just an advertising trick?

Because after you 'failed' you would need to buy their product again ...

diet cycle

3/8) Right Speech
 Compassion Not Willpower

What if you were tricked by diet companies into thinking to yourself ...

Just Do It.

Have you heard this phrase before?

No pain, no gain. Work harder. Don't be lazy.

What if this attitude towards your food is what caused you to gain weight and binge eat?

stop stress eating

4/8) Right Action
Eat Faithfully Mantra

What if you didn't need rules, numbers or the fucking scale?

When you put your faith in your body first? 

Babies eat intuitively ... you have the power within you.

In the beginning you may be scared of gaining weight ... 

But you can learn to treat your body with respect ...

And your body will respond with good feelings, energy and less fatigue.

When you treat your body poorly like in dieting ... you binge eat. 

Are you ready to stop putting your faith in the scale?

What Whatever You Want Really Looks Like

5/8) Right Livelihood
 Lifestyle Is Mandala

Are you coming home and binge eating at night after work?

Let's be honest ... you're stressed as shit. 

Is trying to 'control your calories' really the solution?

Let's be honest about what you want in life - in all areas of life.

What type of life do you want to live?

Are you ready to start living that life ... before you the lose weight?

Are you ready to trust that as you stop binge eating and put yourself first the weight will come off naturally?

6/8) Right Effort
 Connection Not Control

Giving up control sounds so scary!

If you didn't work hard ... you would gain weight... right?

But what if this 'trying to control' everything ... was actually backfiring on you?

(and instead of seeing this 'backfiring' you blamed yourself and tried even harder.)

Have you ever said to yourself that "this is the last time?"

Or, "I promise I'll never ..."

Are you starting to see that this 'control' is what's holding you back from your body and food freedom? 

7/8) Right Mindfulness
 Zen Is Everywhere 

Are you willing to be more present and feel more of your emotions?

If you are willing ... then I can promise you you'll be able to reduce binge and emotional eating significantly ...

Stop obsessing over food and worrying so much ...

And be able to live your best life. But in order for this to work ...

I need you to promise something, ok? Are you with me?

You need to practice and train your self in mindfulness.

Mindfulness is how you realize Eating Enlightenment.

mindful or mind full

8) Right Concentration
 You Have Nirvana Within You

Babies eat intuitively ... nobody tells them what to eat ...

And someone humans have been having babies for millions of years ...

Diet plans didn't exist back thousands of years ago ... but someone your ancestors survived.

What if there was something in you ... that you truly could trust?

discover your inner bodhi
stop emotional eating paulina

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