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Why Best Over The Counter Appetite Suppressant Is A Cheap Trick says San Jose Coach

The best over the counter appetite suppressant

Are you ready to face the ‘appetite suppressant music?

Let’s face it – there is no such thing as a ‘good’ or even ‘best’ over the counter appetite suppressant.

I know this might sound counter intuitive … 

Because if you do a quick Google search you’ll find lists like:

  1. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Share on Pinterest. …
  2. Bitter Orange (Synephrine) …
  3. Garcinia Cambogia. …
  4. Glucomannan. …
  5. Hoodia Gordonii. …
  6. Green Coffee Bean Extract. …
  7. Guarana. …
  8. Acacia Fiber.
best over the counter appetite suppressant
Phen Q

But nope. There is no ‘Best’ appetite suppressant 2018

However, if you restrict your food intake then even years later your appetite will still be high.

This study here with 35 adults indicates that obese participants who lost weight using diet and exercise had increased hunger signals 2 years after first being measured!

Now let’s face it – 35 adults is not a great sample size. I first heard about this study from the Men’s Health article and liked their description.

Yet, even then tons of other research says the same thing.

If you restrict your food intake, your hunger levels go up.


This sucks!


But, let’s pause for a moment, and take a look at these 218 female retired athletes.

Best natural appetite suppressant

This study here reports how wonderful these women felt after they stopped disordered eating!

Isn’t this perhaps the best natural appetite suppressant?

Basically as a college athlete they forced themselves to do all sorts of weird things with their diets.

Things like not eating and appetite suppressant pills.

These women reported feeling ‘liberated’ after realizing they didn’t have to suppress their diet.

But wait because there’s something important.

santa clara binge eating expert

These women had to learn and get training to have appropriate hunger.

I quote from the study …

“These changes, however, required an effortful process of recalibration, during which athletes had to relearn and reinterpret their body’s physiological signals of hunger and satiety”

So please realize the fundamental truth posited by Weight Loss Enlightenment.

Forget about losing weight. You don’t need an appetite suppressant.

Let go of all those diet pills!

Realize the solution lies within side of you…

And this starts with your hunger.

So realize that your hunger is way better than even the best appetite suppressant in the world!

Now let me know: have you ever tried a diet pill and how did it negatively (or positively) impact you?

And if you want help on training yourself to listen to your hunger again and lose weight naturally, then check out this I put together here titled ‘Why Do Diets Fail’

Appetite suppressant walmart

Sure, there are some appetite suppressants at Walmart.

But do you really want these?

Do you really not want to enjoy food?

I just talked with a woman who called me. I asked why she called me. She said she had just gotten off diet pills.

The crazy thing was …

This woman had called me from across the country, even though I am located in San Jose Bay Area!

Our whole country is nuts!

I just did a quick few google searches …

Do appetite suppressants really work?

To me it’s like asking if cancer treatments work.

Yeah …

But you’re gunna feel like shit. Do you want to feel like shit?

Perhaps cancer isn’t the best analogy. Because with cancer you pretty much have to go through chemotherapy (alternative health folks give me some slack here).

But with curing sugar addiction, compulsive eating, and other overeating problems the exact opposite is true.

You don’t need extra chemicals or pills. You do have to learn, study, spend time, work hard. These are the true costs.

If you want to avoid the hard work, the thinking, the feeling … go ahead.

Just search Appetite Suppressant Pills and you’ll find a ‘doctor’ near you!

Now I understand why people search for the strongest appetite suppressant..

You get desperate.

You’ve tried dieting, right?

However, it didn’t work, right?

So you basically have no other choice, right?


Please, please, please heed what I am saying. There is a growing nondiet movement happening. There is a solution.

The solution will require your utmost effort to learn and most of all, to love yourself.

Are you ready for that?

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