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So I asked my friend about weight loss motivation quotes when I was working out with him.

He excitedly told me to watch a Youtube video…

But I took one glance at the YouTube video and was like NOPE.

All I saw some buff white dude. I thought to myself …

Nope, not gunna watch this video. I don’t need to see another white guy telling me to work hard and never give up on myself.

But next week at the gym my friend brings up this video, again.

He asks me:

“Hey man did you watch the video about diets? What did you think?

I told him there are 10,000 guys like Arnold Schwarznegger and Sylverster Stalone all saying to workout hard, never get tired, push through pain, yada yada …

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^This is actually pretty good wisdom. But people take it too far too.

But anyways somehow by the end of our conversation I promised my friend to give this video another shot.

And so I watched the diet video and I liked it!

This wasn’t just some random person spewing out generic weight loss advice. No. Quite the opposite actually (to my pleasant surprise!).

In fact, the whole point of the video was to make one point:

“The best diet is one you stick to.” - Jeff Cavaliere Click To Tweet

And this is exactly what I preach and believe in too!

So What Causes People To Quit Their Diets?

Okay well I am not going to be all pretentious and say THIS ONE THING.

Like there are many reasons quit their diets.

But a main reason is the improper belief about willpower, in the context of food.

Think about the Arnold Schwarzenegger quote … NEVER SURRENDER!!!

It’s that tough guy approach.

So read this definition of willpower below.

Then let me know in the comments if this is how you understood willpower before reading this article.

“Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear.” - Dan Millman Click To Tweet

So, let me know in the comments, do you think willpower is this?

And more importantly, do you use willpower in your relationship with food?

For example, using willpower in a relationship with food might look like:

  • Doing a whole 30 challenge
  • Doing ‘no sugar, no carb’ diet
  • Trying a new exercise program

Now there’s nothing wrong with willpower in relationship with food. However, unfortunately…

Our society has associated willpower with success.

And therefore, the opposite is true.

If you fail at food your willpower must be low.

Like if you fail to eat the right type of foods in the whole 30 then your willpower is low.

If you try the ‘no sugar, no carb’ diet and fail it’s because your willpower is low.

And if your willpower is low then YOU must be a failure.

The problem stems from the incorrect view of willpower.

Our society views willpower like air.

Are you breathing right now? Yes. Of course.

Just like you always have enough air around you …

People mistakenly think you always have enough willpower around you, too.


If you fail your diet, it’s because YOU ARE LAZY.

A lot of people reading this really deeply believe that their willpower failures are evidence they personally are lazy. Is this you? Email me or comment.

Because the thing is … THIS is Wrong!!!

For most people …

Willpower is much more like my old laptop’s battery.

See my old laptop I would take it fully charged to go study at the library. And then I would I would sit down and turn on my laptop.

I’d get everything set up but then my computer would start dimming automatically.

Confused, I would remember … My battery only lasted a few hours!!!

And the same thing is true with willpower. It only lasts a few hours and then it’s gone!

So imagine being at the library when your computer dies…

Would you then blame yourself?

Would you call yourself lazy, unmotivated, stupid, etc? No! Of course not.

You’d say …


I need a charger!

And not having a battery in terms of weight loss is like coming home at night after a 10 hour stressful work day.

You don’t have energy to think. In fact, you need to binge and watch some TV.

You NEED to. No arguing. You Need to.

If Only Willpower Was The Problem …

Wouldn’t it be great if willpower was the problem?

Like what if your stressful job, your stressful kids and your stressful husband weren’t to blame.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well … all these problems can easily go away according to the diet industry!

The diet industry says ‘Just Use Willpower’ and all your problems will go away! In fact, I do a whole episode on the Weight Loss Enlightenment Podcast about these ideas! You can listen to it here!

You’ll be slim, attractive and energized in no time!

All you have to do is use willpower to

  • Not eat sugar
  • Have homecooked meals
  • Not eat things out of plastic, like candy

Gosh wouldn’t that make things simple?

I mean, then you wouldn’t have to worry about making a thousand small decisions each day.

  • To hydrate yourself in the morning
  • To have protein before you leave the house
  • To bring nutritious snacks to work
  • To meal prep

But in reality …

It’s daily tiny decisions that count!

Some wise person once said this to this effect:

Thoughts lead to feelings,
Feelings to actions,
Actions to habits,
Habits into lifestyle,
Lifestyle into character.

So the way forward into a healthy life is not through willpower. But there are 2 tricks you can do to lose bellyfat

Because willpower often times leads to a dead battery!

Because there will always be those times when you fail.

There will always be those times when you come home completely exhausted and your willpower battery is dead.

What then?

If you’re relying on willpower, your toast.

But by doing something else entirely …

Something that is fun, something that you want to do, something that is easy …

You can successfully do 1 tiny behavior.

What does this mean?

You change one lil tiny easy behavior at a time.

So it’s progress, not perfection.

Like just take any old random habit. Like water. Say you start drinking water for a week, every morning.

Do this new habit at the same time each day and then make sure you feel good afterwards (even if it’s just a flash of pride).

Instead of beating yourself for not having enough willpower, just be consistent with your new habits.

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