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Is your willpower like my old laptop battery?

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Last updated on April 28, 2020



Your society associates willpower with success.

And if your willpower equals your success …

Then a lack of willpower must mean you’re a failure, right?

Like if you have ever lost weight and regained it … then you must lack willpower and be a failure, right?

Oh god. My shoulders shudder as I write those words. Terrible, terrible, terrible!

A lack of willpower does not mean you’re a failure. NO.

But it’s really sad to me that so many people believe they are failures.

Like deep down in their soul they believe they are failures because they can’t manage their food intake.

Do you know anyone like this? Who secretly beats themselves up because they can’t keep their weight down?

This self-hatred all originates from the incorrect view of willpower. Grrr.

So today I wanted to give you an analogy about my old labtop computer battery.

But anyways, I don’t know about you … but I feel sooo lazy sometimes. Like crazy lazy lazy.

What’s even more crazier is I’ll have the best motivation, but then it’ll be gone in a second! Like literally 1 second.

Like just the other day I drank some coffee and started listening to some music. I got to the gym with adrenaline in my veins. I was like yeah!!!

But literally a few lifts later I was exhausted. WHY?

It’s like my willpower was the battery of my old labtop.

This really is my old laptop. RIP.

Anyways I used to take my old laptop fully charged to go study at the library.

I’d turn on my computer for a few minutes but then my computer screen would start to dim!

I would be confused for a split second…

But then I would remember that my computer battery only lasts a few hours!!!

And the same thing is true with willpower. It only lasts a few hours and then it’s gone! So now imagine being at the library when your computer dies…

Would you then blame yourself? Would you call yourself lazy, unmotivated, stupid, etc?

No! Of course not. You’d say …


I need a charger!

Like me when I went to the gym … I was just coming home after 10 hours of work and I had forgotten to eat. No wonder I didn’t have willpower!

The point? Your willpower is NOT an indicator of your success. Most importantly, your willpower is NOT an indicator that you’re a failure.

So stop blaming yourself.

Instead here’s what I want you to do. Just start off by noticing when your willpower is low. Don’t blame yourself or anything like that.

I then want you to immediately write down two things.

1. What were you just doing?
2. What are you now feeling?

Your answers to these two questions will start giving you the emotional framework necessary to rewire your brain.

If you do this exercise, you’ll start to see a powerful pattern emerge…

Let me know what you find.

– Jared

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