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Healing food insecurity with hunger

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

No amount of protein ‘correctness’ will ever work …

Unless you tune in … To your energetic source.
Your hunger.
By this I mean … how can you be healthy (whatever that means to you) if you aren’t in tune with your hunger?

Hunger is your inner guide to health.

Your hunger is your direct link to your body’s wisdom.
And I know this might sound crazy …
Especially if you’ve have ‘failed a diet for the umpteenth time because of your cravings.
And I know that I might sound crazy talking about all this. Hunger is my inner guide? WTF is this dude talking about!!!???
(If you want to watch to me talk about this stuff, check out this Youtube episode here.)
But seriously, in Weight Loss Enlightenment we realize …
Your body is intrinsically wise.

Let’s learn to listen to hunger.

The 1st step you can take is realizing the importance of listening your hunger.
As you begin internalizing the belief hunger is your friend…
You start listening to your inner voice. Your gut instinct.
This could mean listening to the inner signals like growing and rumbling to indicate your hungry.
Or starting to familiarize yourself with your unique hunger cues…
Like gurgling, a feeling of space, or a feeling of panic.
Because you have a unique inner hunger voice. 
And listening is the key to calming it down and eating learning to naturally eat healthy.
And if you want help returning to a normal ability to sense your hunger then just watch your Free Strategy Video here.
PS – Now it’s okay if you can’t hear your hunger. You can learn. Don’t be discouraged if you only notice you’re hungry when your starving.

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