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So you don’t have time to meal prep?

Get rid of obsessive food thoughts
Just meal prep.
It’s simple and effective. Easy to understand. Helps with weight loss.
So Just Meal Prep.
^That’s basically the meal prepping advice the vast majority of diet programs give (which I find to be needlessly simplistic).
But what if you don’t have time? Or what if you simply don’t want to?
And just the other day a guy I was working with had an extreme reaction to meal prep …
He recoiled like he just saw something horrible as soon as I mentioned the words ‘meal prep’.
He said that his inner child hated the thought of commitment.
Of having to pack food every day for himself.
He said he knew he should, but he didn’t want to.
^This is cultural programming in action. I bring up the words ‘ meal prep’ and very powerful associations
immediately come to mind.

At Weight Loss Enlightenment we do things differently.

Most meal prep advice is basically to Just Meal Prep.
But not us.
We work with our inner children, our emotional selves.
We shine the light into our lives so we can see clearly!
So the first step to meal prepping is actually …
To become aware of NOT meal prepping.
That’s right.
Going out to lunch every week day … (which is what happens when you don’t meal prep)
May not be what you think it is.
And before we dive into this …
It’s important to not judge the outcome beforehand. I’m not saying there’s something wrong with going out to eat for lunch.
I’m saying let’s be aware.

Let’s practice the yoga of weight loss.

I want you to start by examining the effects of eating out for lunch …
How much time to you spend picking out a place? Then driving, ordering, eating and driving back?
Is there any stress on the way there?
Because before we start trying to change our behavior, it’ll really help if our emotional self gets clear on what’s really going on.
Let me know what you discover.
– Jared
PS – Most people find that they spend WAY more time than they thought picking out restaurants. So this week (or I suppose until the next email whenever that is) start examining how much time you spend searching out and driving to restaurants.
If you do end up switching to meal prepping, this awareness will help you make the transition.
Remember, don’t just do it!
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