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The cause of compulsive eating

Just heard someone say the hardest part about weight loss was …
‘My stomach compulsively making me to eat a ton of food … even though I don’t want to’
And it’s true. Compulsive eating may feel like a disorder sometimes, like your stomach is the one in charge. This can be the hardest part about losing weight!
But before we dive into the solution… let’s just real quick do a thought experiment:
Do you see food in binary terms?
Because in the Yoga of Weight Loss we try to learn to see all foods as equal.
Not nutritionally equal, no. Obviously all foods are not nutritionally equal.
But our emotional reaction to eating food needs to become equal. So whether you eat a donuts or an avocado, there’s no guilt or shaming either way.
This means you need to get out of diet mentality (which sees food as ‘yes’ or ‘no’).
And start giving yourself freedom to trust your hunger and not judge yourself for what your hunger wants to eat.
This might sound weird … allowing your hunger to guide you …
But when I lived as a monk (and later on during my 6 year stint as a yoga teacher) I really got to understand the importance of non-judgment and trusting my body.
I had some bad eating habits (I got anemia, for example)
And even in the monastery I would over eat until I felt soooo full and then judge myself afterwards!
Fortunately I time to heal and realize …
Judging yourself after everything you eat will only worsen any compulsion.
Some might say this is the cause of compulsive eating – the judgment afterwords.
But in Weight Loss Enlightenment, this movement starts with the belief that you are whole naturally.
That your hunger can your inner guide to health and sustainable weight loss.
Because only then will you be able to undo the scarcity mindsets that drive compulsive eating.
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– Jared
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