11 months ago

Musing #1

Get rid of obsessive food thoughts

Right after my first enlightenment experience in Thailand about 8 years ago

And right after i had my first panic attack as well.

Sometimes when you see a new reality you get scared afterwards.

I share this story because I’ve been blogging lately about The Biggest Enlightenment of Weight Loss Enlightenment…

Which is Unconditional Eating.

It’s the Freedom To Eat Whatever you want, whenever, and without feeling guilty.

There’s a lot of support for this anti-diet approach…

But it can seem scary at first, especially if you don’t trust your hunger, body or have failed tons of diets before and blame yourself.

What I find fascinating is that both traditional ‘Enlightenment’ and the enlightenment here in weight loss is total acceptance.

Like you accept your self, or your food choices either way.

Because guilt prevents learning, so you gotta start freeing yourself so you can learn again and that starts by unconditionally accepting yourself

Do you feel more enlightened after viewing this post? If so share the light!


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