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But unconditional eating = gorging

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Last updated on July 11, 2020

Teaching moment here.
Because someone just recently commented on my personal Facebook. Add me and comment too btw I love the discussion!
But anyways I just gotten done writing a post about Unconditional Eating …
When I see this comment (I edited slightly to cut out name):
Have you had this thought before too^

So let’s talk about the fear of hunger. The fear of overeating. 

The fear that your hunger will overtake you and drown you and food and your belly will be inches bigger in the morning.
Let’s talk about that. Because this is a really common fear.
And this fear is what drives people to diets. Because diets are clear, external rules that help you ‘manage’ your hunger.
I could go on and on about diets like how:
– they don’t work long term
– are deceptive because you see results initially
– are embedded in our culture
But this email is not about diets.

It’s about how fear of overeating relates to Unconditional eating.

Unconditional Eating is one of the primary ‘enlightenments’ in Weight Loss Enlightenment.
But many people feel that Unconditional Eating means to ‘gorge on fast food’.
And I want to acknowledge these feelings you may be having about eating unconditionally.
The fear that you will gain weight.
Well… Guess what…
You will!
In fact, studies are showing that some Unconditional Eaters do initially gain weight.
Not all, but some.
So there is some truth to the matter…
People do indeed gain weight when they first try Unconditional Eating.

But here’s what’s important:

As Unconditional Eaters are freed up from the mental baggage and stress of following diets …
And as they learn to listen to their hunger and live without guilt …
They lose weight. Without dieting. And it feels good. And it lasts.
So whenever I say ‘Unconditional Eating’ please remember…
That Unconditional Eating is just the beginning.
There is a ‘Yoga To Weight Loss’ that begins with Unconditional Eating …
But to think Unconditional Eating is the total solution by itself is misguided.
It’s the beginning. 
And as you continue this path you also learn skills as well like hunger awareness, food satisfaction, emotional coping, and gentle nutritional principles.
^These skills are what I call the ‘Yoga of Weight Loss’
So anyways, I’m going to continue talking about Unconditional Eating for awhile more because of the amount of comments I’ve been getting.
But just know you can reply here if you have any concerns as well.
– Jared
PS – Have you watched the free training video yet?

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