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Women Engineer Eating Compulsively In Castro Street Mountain View

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Was walking down Castro Street in Mountain View when I heard a woman make an extremely casual comment …

I won’t let myself have any candy otherwise I’d be bad

Because if she had any halloween candy then otherwise she’d be bad.

I just overheard this in a conversation the other day …

And it made an impact on me.

It might seem like an innocent innocuous statement …

But look closely, and you’ll see within this innocuous statement is a powerful clue …

About compulsive eating.

Because there are 2 warning signs here …

That a compulsive eating episode may be coming in fast.

I did a podcast episode you can listen to hear about this very topic, too.

Lets first understand:

Compulsive eating can be thought of as a vicious Hurricane with Two Forces:

Restriction + Anticipation

Can you see these two forces at play with the woman with halloween candy?

1. She wants halloween candy (anticipation)
2. But won’t let herself have it (restriction)

If you feel stuck in yo yo dieting … understanding these two forces are important to getting free.

Because restriction makes your inner emotional self rebel, while anticipation provides the outlet in which to rebel.

This is the cycle which keeps people stuck.

And trust me …

I used to do this all the time as a wrestler.

Back in highschool I was reallllly socially awkward. I had played basketball my whole life to fit in …

But in highschool I wasn’t good enough to compete.

So I went to wrestling and almost every weekend during season was starving myself from eating and then binge the next day for four years.

You can watch my video about these 2 Forces on my facebook.

– Jared

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