last year

How to naturally eat healthy foods while on vacation from Bay area

Flying on trip back to guatemala …

Trying to stay focused on my mantra but my eyelids keep dropping over.

I hate the feeling of unfocused tiredness. It’s the worst.

It’s like being helpless, a prisoner of your mind.


I can’t help but think of this huge veggie salad I had yesterday.

I had just read about Gandhi’s diet.

How he had veggies cuz veggies gave him the most energy.

And how I had tons of energy after this salad yesterday. About 4 hours after I ate. Tons of energy.

I wish the urge to eat salads was stronger.

My growth point today will be to carefully try another salad, this time with more chicken so I stay full longer.

No longer do I force myself to have energy, or berate myself for being tired.

I need sleep. Probably more than you. I am okay with that.

But I still hate being tired. It’s my most common negative emotion. I suppose this means I have more to learn.

So today I will have a salad with chicken

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