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How To Stop Binge Eating Compulsively

Last updated on July 10, 2020

If you live in the Bay Area then you know how stressful life is and you’re probably wondering how you can stop binge eating compulsively.

You know the feeling when you’ve been working all day and then find your self starving?

Or you may have been running around doing errands all day long when you suddenly find yourself stuck on 280 in the afternoon.

Awful, just awful, and then the stress of traffic plus the Stress of Silicon Valley plus the stress of life …

Bam. You’re out of control.

And that’s not the worst part.

You actually are out of control.

That’s the worst, scary and most guilt inducing part ever.

You actually lose control of yourself.

You binge eat compulsively

And trust me this is more common than what you might think in Silicon Valley.

Around 30 million Americans have a diagnosable eating disorder.

And about every hour someone dies because of an eating disorder.

That’s not even counting the number of people who are stuck in yo yo dieting.

And what do you think about Silicon Valley – the most stressful place in the world perhaps?

Of course the stress is going to make things worse.

Plus the air quality with all these fires is terrible!

You might be one of these people who aren’t even diagnosed with an eating disorder.

You try to be good, but keep finding yourself gaining weight year after year.

You’re smart, put together and generally on top of your game.

But …

Around food you lose control.

And that’s the worst part.

You’ve tried dieting and know that doesn’t work.

So how do you intuitively eat?

Well, just yesterday I sat down with a client and he had a few very specific questions I want to give answers to.

Because if one person has questions then so do more.

But first, the key insight this client had …

Was that hunger is not the same thing as starving.

Hunger does not equal starving.

This was really important because this guy had been waiting to eat only when he was starving.

In fact, he didn’t even know what hunger felt like.

And so if you want to stop binge eating compulsively and intuitively eat …

This is the first step.

Here’s how to listen to your hunger

  1. Realize hunger starts as a gradual increase in intensity. It starts out small, then gets bigger. Like the growling in your stomach, the growling starts small and then gets bigger. You have to eat before you get to a starving point, because when you’re starving you lose control and that sucks.
  2. Realize that hunger is going to increase your energy so that you become motivated for food. This is another signal of hunger. You start perking up. You are noticing and thinking about food more. If you can catch this arousal you’ll have another sign that you are indeed hungry and it’s time to eat before you find yourself starving.

And the most important mindset is realizing that you can improve your hunger skills. That’s right. Weight loss is not something that you should automatically know how to do. No! That’s silly.

That’s what mainstream dieting advice tells you – Just Do It!

But the fact is, long lasting weight loss is composed of skills.

And you can practice these skills. And one of these skills is hunger.

Now if you want to learn more about hunger you can listen to a Weight Loss Enlightenment podcast episode here.

Or, you can watch this free training video here.

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