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Do not feel guilty after thxgiving

Get rid of obsessive food thoughts



Day after thanksgiving I want to talk about NOT feeling guilty.


Because I re-discovered a crazy pattern about compulsive behavior while I was traveling in Guatemala …


See, I was traveling in Guatemala with my old labtop…


But my old labtop wouldn’t let me connect to the internet!


Trust me, this drove me CRAZY.


And so for 10 days I didn’t have internet. Because I didn’t have any internet, all I could do was think about the internet. And so for 10 days I mindfully watched myself getting agitated …


Fantasizing about the internet … thinking about the internet …


Wondering …


When, oh when, when when WHEN will I get the internet back?


And so the powerful lesson around compulsive eating is this:


When you aren’t allowed access to something…


Your desire increases.


Think about it. What’s your ‘forbidden’ food?


Ice cream, nachos, or nutella?


Or, perhaps you just overate on Thxgiving …


And are now saying to yourself …


“I’ll never eat Apple Pie again!”


But this is a sign of diet mentality. When you feel guilty and then cut out foods, paradoxically what you’re doing is setting yourself up for long term failure.


Because restriction leads to the food becoming like a magnet, just like how the internet became a magnet for me.


So the quick lesson here is don’t feel guilty and over restrict yourself.


Go enjoy your family! Go enjoy having work off! Be present, real, connected and keep growing.


– Jared


PS Love you all! So glad to be back here in the States. Hope you well.