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So how do you intuitively eat?

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

So how do you intuitively eat?

Well, just yesterday I sat down with a client and he had a few very specific questions I want to give answers to.

Because if one person has questions then so do more.

But first, the key insight this client had …

Was that hunger is not the same thing as starving.

Hunger does not equal starving.

This was really important because this guy had been waiting to eat only when he was starving.

In fact, he didn’t even know what hunger felt like.

And so if you want to stop binge eating compulsively and intuitively eat …

This is the first step.

Here’s how to listen to your hunger

  1. Realize hunger starts as a gradual increase in intensity. It starts out small, then gets bigger. Like the growling in your stomach, the growling starts small and then gets bigger. You have to eat before you get to a starving point, because when you’re starving you lose control and that sucks.
  2. Realize that hunger is going to increase your energy so that you become motivated for food. This is another signal of hunger. You start perking up. You are noticing and thinking about food more. If you can catch this arousal you’ll have another sign that you are indeed hungry and it’s time to eat before you find yourself starving.


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