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Stop binge eating 3 steps 2 min testimonial video

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

This is a beautiful Stop Binge Eating ‘teaching testimonial’ I recently filmed with a client.
I call this a ‘teaching testimonial’ because not only does this woman share her story …
But she shares her 3 steps to stop overeating.

1st – Stop The Clean Plate.

A clean plate refers to the belief or value that you must clean your plate.
Oftentimes you developed this belief as a child. Perhaps your parents told you to clean your plate, or you never had enough food so you learned to clean your plate.
However, this belief can be stubborn.
You might know you don’t need to clean your plate, but then feel subconscious pressure to clean your plate anyways.
You can hear how this woman wasn’t aware of her almost compulsive need to clear her plate. Clearly these beliefs can be hidden from us!
That’s why it’s so important to talk with someone, like me for example.

2nd – Connect with your body.

This woman says some very powerful things …
To stop over eating and bingeing …
She found it very helpful to check in with her body before, during and after the meal.
She uses the word ‘assess’ which is great. Assess means you scan and feel your body.
And by scan and feel your body, I mean you:
– Scan all of your body – not just your stomach
– Feel even the uncomfortable sensations – it’s important you feel uncomfortable sensations because these are signs you are reaching fullness
But she also mentions …

Third – Don’t feel ashamed if you want more!

Okay, okay …
You know I’ve been shouting from the rooftops “Food Freedom” or “Unconditional Eating”
Heck, even my message totally resonates with this testimonial:
“Dieting is suffering. To permanently lose weight you must forget about weight loss.”
You must forget about weight loss!
It’s just like what this woman says …
Don’t be ashamed if you want more!
Because when you stop yourself from eating one thing …
Usually you’ll end up eating more of another.
It’s like a boomerang.
You may think you avoided a problem, but then the problem circles around and smacks you in the face.
This woman said she might feel good temporarily because she avoided eating Oreo’s, but then she would overeat on eggs and potatoes.
So there you have it!
– Jared
PS If you want to watch the teaching testimonial yourself, or see other success stories, just visit

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