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Candy is bad … for the most part?

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Over Thanksgiving break I heard a woman say offhand …


‘I can’t eat after 8pm otherwise I’ll gain weight’


So I wanted to ask you, would you say candy is good or bad?


Pause. This shouldn’t a hard question (and it’ll tie back into thxgiving I promise) …


But why is Jared asking such an easy question? Hmmm. Something must be up.


And you’re right! If you answered ‘trick question’ you are correct!


This is a trick question because I’m giving you a black-and-white scenario.


Because you can say candy is good. And cry just a lil’ bit inside when you stop yourself from eating your kid’s leftover halloween candy 🙁


Or, you can say candy is bad. And then you can beat the hell out of yourself when you eat some of your kids halloween candy 🙁


Either way you’re screwed.


You gotta be careful about these Food Rules.


So yes, I just recorded a quick video about one woman’s food rule…


I heard her say ‘I can’t eat after 8pm otherwise I’ll gain weight’


This occurred back in Sacramento region when I went back up for Thanksgiving.


We were all sitting down and it was time for dessert…


And I heard this slender woman say casually (almost whispering to herself) ‘I can’t eat after 8pm otherwise I’ll gain weight’.


I wanted to say something but it was an offhand remark.


Hell, should you ever comment on someone’s eating habits? I guess that’s a topic for another day …


Anyways, what type of binary food rules are you unconsciously holding?


– I shouldn’t eat the apple pie because sugar is bad
– I am allowed to be bad this 1x and then I’ll be good
– If I exercise, then I can eat whatever I want
I’m sure you get the point. Or, at least I hope you do because Food Rules are subtle.


It doesn’t even matter about 8pm or anything!


We could debate the pros and cons of eating before or after 8pm for eternity …


Someone will say 8pm is good. Some one else will say 8pm is nonsense.


But both parties (however logical their arguments are) still miss the real point:


If you are thinking in terms of binary, yes or no, good or bad Food Rules …


You are setting yourself for failure.


Food is not black and white!


Food is not good or bad!


And you aren’t a bad or good person if you eat or do not eat some food!


So I made a quick video about one quick reframe you can do.


Just add in after your food rule – For The Most Part.


So if you think eating after 8pm is bad, then this reframe would go like:


Eating after 8pm is bad, for the most part.


Or, if you believe sugar is bad, then your reframe might look like:


Sugar is bad, for the most part.


Can you see how this gives you ‘wiggle’ room?


By adding on ‘for the most part’ type of thinking you prevent yourself from too-high standards, beating yourself up, and feeling sad.


Now how to identify your food rules?


Well, you could probably figure out a few just using pen and paper.


Just listing them out will help you throughout the holidays.


You could also schedule a free session with me and we could work on this together.


Either way …


Happy holiday!!!!


– Jared

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