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My aunt who loves weight watchers disagreed with me

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So my aunt and I disagreed slightly. Here was the ‘controversy’:

My aunt has lost weight following Weight Watchers for several years.

And I labeled Weight Watchers a diet.

Everyone knows diets these days are a bad word, so …

My aunt and I had a lil’ debate about the definition of a diet.

Here’s The Backstory

I had posted on Facebook a pic about my upcoming workshop.

(which happens to be today, sunday the 2nd at 1:30pm in San Jose)

I claimed Weight Watchers was a diet because in Weight Watchers you ‘track’ your points.

Now my aunt on the otherhand …

She said Weight Watchers was not a diet because a) you stayed on it for life and b) you track points, not calories.

Before reading the rest of the article I do want to say that I believe Weight Watchers can work for people. If Weight Watchers is working for you, great! Yet let’s also realize this program doesn’t work everyone.

So let’s talk about Weight Watchers. Is it a diet? Let’s take a close look at my aunt’s points.

a) Stay on it for life

I don’t know about you, but having to stay on something the rest of your life smells fishy for me. However, I do like that my aunt is committed.

Her view is that she’s in this health transformation journey for the long haul. And I gotta give her credit there. Her long term type of thinking is so valuable!!

Weight Watchers has a lot of positive things going for it – accountability, for example. Weight Watchers is huge on accountability which is sooo awesome!!!

However …

At the core level – staying on the Weight Watchers program for the rest of your life means you are following Weight Watchers – and not your own gut feelings.

This point is really important to grasp:

b) Weight watchers has you track ‘points’ because the assumption is that your hunger is not to be trusted.

In essence, hunger is bad.

To manage your untrustworthy hunger, you are allocated Weight Watchers points.

You keep track of these points. Just follow the points and you’ll lose weight.

My aunt says she’s tracking points, not calories. So according to her, this is another reason why Weight Watcher’s is not a diet.

Except here’s where we have an issue.

Our ancestors didn’t track points. 

Tracking points is done in the so-called ‘left’ part of your brain. This part of the brain is intellectual, logical and …

Developed about 100 Million Years after we evolved our ‘right’ brains. This means your right brain, you’ve had that for WAYYY longer than your left brain.

So … if hunger is not to be trusted, how the heck did our ancestors survive if they couldn’t track Weight Watchers points?

The answer lies at the heart of Weight Loss Enlightenment and intuitive eating principles.

Hunger is the guide. Hunger is divine. When hunger becomes your guide, then you don’t need points anymore.

Like think about one of your naturally skinny friends who doesn’t obsess over her weight or count calories or anything like that.

Somehow, some way she’s skinny and can eat whatever the hell she wants. What’s up with that?

I believe you can do the same thing. And you don’t need to count either.

I believe reaching your natural weight by listening to your own body is the Right path.

Now, I also realize Weight Watchers works for some people. So if it works for you, great! That’s what I told my aunt too!

Yet if Weight Watchers hasn’t worked for you, and you’ve always wondered why not …

Maybe it’s because Weight Watchers is a diet in disguise.

– Jared

PS If Weight Watchers hasn’t worked for you, and you want to get started on the journey to listening to your true body signals like the divine force of hunger … let’s talk