10 months ago

How Paul lost weight using affirmations & self-love

Get rid of obsessive food thoughts

I recently discovered my good friend and mentor Paul used Weight Loss Affirmations to lose weight and keep it off!!!

Specifically Paul lost 22 lbs about 2-3 years ago! Incredibly, Paul utilized the power of nurturing positive words to sustain him through craving attacks and more. Can you believe that?!

Paul’s story began when Paul was invited to speak at a high profile event. However Paul got really surprised when he found out his pants no longer fit as tightly! He decided to change his life …

In this interview with Paul, I discover the secrets to Paul’s lasting weight loss:

  • specific, simple affirmations
  • how to your inner child for weight loss
  • Paul’s thoughts on creating new habits

Nowadays Paul is now involved with raising money to fund technology to feed the world. Paul is an expert in raising capital, as well as a successful business coach, so let’s wish him luck!

Now because you are on this email list …

I am going to tell you some exact things Paul says to himself. These are the exact phrases Paul uses to this day. Please note this is exclusive content only for email list. But what you’ll find surprising is …

Paul uses simple words. He speaks to himself very simply so that he can calm himself down in stressful situations. He uses phrases like “calm” or “joy” or even “everything will be okay”.

These phrases are spoken in context of realizing it’s our emotional, intuitive selves that are really in control of weight loss. Not your rational mind. Your child self is often in charge.

(that’s why diets all fail. they aren’t telling you how to change your relationship to your inner child self)

Yet our inner child only knows simple words. So that’s how Paul is able to soothe himself and stay calm – even in the midst of Silicon Valley Craziness!

– Jared

PS – write back with any questions you have. Does speaking to your inner child in soft tones make sense in relationship to weight loss?

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