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Intuitive eating definition for computer engineers in South Bay

Get rid of obsessive food thoughts

What’s is the intuitive eating definition?

I’ve been getting into a lot of conversations lately with my friends in the computer engineering industry about what intuitive eating is.

Because yes – I get it. If you’re an engineer you’re very technical. Especially if you’re in South Bay like me, which happens to draw very technically minded people!

Intuitive eating can sound mysterious … You may have heard of intuitive eating and been like “Oh … I just eat what I want …???”

And that’s part of it, but there’s a bigger conversation going on you really gotta know about.

Because in Intuitive Eating you also don’t calorie count. Or keep track of your weight.

No calorie counting, no rules …


Intuitive Eating Definition: 

Intuitive eating is defined by eating from your right brain, or emotional brain.

What surprises people is how much they use their left brain, or logical brain to eat.

For a lot of people, especially for people who have tried dieting numerous times, this is no bueno.

See. Our ancestors didn’t evolve with left brains. Left logical brains are fairly new to the evolutionary party.

Our right brains are what we use to eat. For example your hunger and digestion is regulated by your right brain.

Here’s an analogy:

Intuitive eating is like ‘yoga’ for weight loss.

Just like in yoga how you reconnect with your body thru breathing, stop thinking etc, and ultimately make peace with your Self …

So too is Intuitive eating. You reconnect with your hunger, digestion, etc and make peace with food.

Hope this helps you understand a bit more about this wonderful process of learning to Intuitively Eat.

For a great resource on another Intuitive Eating Definition, check this article out here by BeNourished.

I also did a podcast on this very topic, which you can listen to here.

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