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How to stop binge eating for Tech Industry professionals in South Bay

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

How to stop binge eating …

It’s easy if you’re in the Tech Industry in South Bay to fall for the trap of weight loss or external signs of decreased binge eating.

But don’t! You have to shift your mindset…

Weight loss isn’t about losing weight.

I believe stepping on your scale and seeing your weight go down is not what weight loss is about, or even what binge eating is about! This is pretty much what this other resource by WebMD says as well.

Heck even things like calorie counting and tracking your food intake I think are foolish. Pretty much any LOGICAL aspect of weight loss I think is just missing the point.

So what’s the point? I believe the point is …

That weight loss has to change your soul.

I believe that weight loss has to somehow penetrate your very being and make you evolve or transform.

Because that’s the only way weight loss can be long-term. You have to change who you are. 

And I don’t know about you, but following logical rules never changed me at my core. Just following some program’s rules never changed me at my deepest core. I’d always get bored of the rules and quit.

Now I share a vulnerable video where I talk about this, which you can watch here.

Like back in my youth I played piano. I got really skilled and won some awards. But then when I left to college (where I had freedom) I stopped playing piano and never played again! 10 years of practice and dedication nearly completely wasted because I felt confined, restricted, and ultimately rebelled.

But skills on the other hand (as opposed to rules) skills have changed me at my deepest core…


Like when I decided to face my social awkwardness and go to toastmasters, participate in counseling groups and face my fears and learn social skills.

That’s the stuff that changed me. Skills that I could carry with me for the rest of my life. Skills that were applicable not just to giving a speech, but to making friends …

And weight loss is the same way. You focus on the numbers, well, good luck. Cuz one day you’re gunna feel like shit and you won’t like the numbers.

You’ll have been following some program’s rules and won’t internalize the deep change that I believe is necessary – the soul change so to speak.

If all you got is some logical rules you’re following that haven’t penetrated to your core, you’re screwed. You’re done. Diet over, weight comes back, you blame yourself for being lazy, vicious cycle repeats again.

The weight loss industry is worth $585 Billion Dollars and despite this 95% of people regain weight (when measured over a 5 year period).

So weight loss can’t be about losing weight.

Losing weight is a nice effect when you focus on learning skills. But skills versus weight is a totally different priority here. This is a huge enlightenment I am telling you! 😉

Stop dieting. Stop following these rules. Especially if dieting is making you binge eat, feel anxious around food, and make you feel like a failure.

These rules are blinding you to learning skills. You’re blindly following rules. You need to be focusing on learning skills that are with you no matter where you go in life. Or whatever country your in or whatever relationship your in.

I believe you have to evolve. You have to change deep down in your soul how you manifest energy.

You have to change your character.


PS I am glad to get this review because he says my character sets me apart! That’s what this is all about!! Becoming a better, more ethical person. I try to walk the talk and that’s why I love this whole weight loss enlightenment movement because it’s about changing your character. Character.

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