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Why do I binge Eat? Answer Guilt. Especially in Silicon Valley …

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Why do I binge eat?
I had just wished someone “Happy New Year!” One quick word of wisdom – don’t let guilt motivate you!
Perhaps you’ve gained a few pounds over the past months during the holidays and now feel slightly guilty. This is really common, obviously!
It’s normal to start New Year with guilty motivation.’Guilt motivation’ can even feel empowering …You feel bad so you get a burst of energy! Yet here’s the problem …

Guilt is not a long-term motivator!

Motivation stemming from guilt is like a plant in temporarily wet soil. You feel energy flowing in your body for a little bit but then your soul gets dries up later.
Below you’ll see the diagram I bring up in the video. I reference this diagram a lot because I am adamantly opposed to short-term weight loss.
(Oh. Also. Any type of resolution – exercise, financial, less drinking, etc – will follow this same basic pattern if rooted in shame/guilt. Its not just for weight loss!)
Why do I care so much about short-term weight? In the video I talk about how I used to play piano for years. Yet I always was playing coming from a sense of shame and forcing myself.
Eventually, it became too much and I suddenly stopped the piano. I haven’t played since.
And the sad thing is I know why. It’s because I was playing out of a sense of “should” and not from a place of joy and love.
And now I feel resistance to playing musical instruments today when I once used to be so good! And that’s why it’s important for me to communicate here –
Shame-based motivation harms you. So be careful.
Don’t start from a place of guilt! If guilt has always motivated you during this time of year then really stop to consider if this has worked. If it hasn’t, try something new! Do something crazy, different, just don’t let guilt be your fuel!
PS I’ve been harping on motivation, guilty motivation and diets for the past few days. You might be wondering “Is this guy ever gunna talk about his solution?” Thursday I’ll reveal my alternative solution to stop binge eating and chronic dieting. I’ve been working on this for weeks and it’s all free too! Basically an in-depth training I want to provide you with.