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How to stop binge eating in Santa Clara county and like yoga

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Below is my map on how to stop binge eating which I call the map to ‘weight loss yoga’.
No I am not talking about yoga asanas. I am talking about the essence of yoga applied towards weight loss.
The essence of yoga is compassionate practice which transforms you. In yoga you start by compassionate practicing different poses. For example you try balancing.
Yet yoga is compassionate practice. So you expect to fall. If you expect to fall, you can more easily practice an attitude of compassion and pick yourself back up again. As you continue to practice, you discover that you’re getting stronger.

Likewise, to stop binge eating, weight loss needs to be yogic in nature.

First, you have to see weight loss as a series of skills you learn. That’s why in the image below you can see 7 different steps you take on the journey to becoming an Enlightened Eater. Each step, however, represents a skill you learn.
These steps are based out of:
– personal experience helping people (we’re now at twenty 5-star reviews)
– the science of Intuitive Eating my counseling professors at Santa Clara University taught me
– my experiences living as a Zen monk for 13 months and making significant progress on my own body weight, image, inner critic issues and becoming the genuinely more loving person that I am today.
What I really like about this map is the story telling narrative. This might sound silly, a story telling narrative…
How does story telling have anything to do with weight loss? Well, if you really want to have long-term weight loss, you need to change the story in your head.
Changing the story in your head has nothing to do with diets, calories, plans, rules, eating, or anything.
Many people have a DEEP belief they are doomed to be a certain weight, that they cannot lose weight, and that they will screw things up some how.
As you know, I feel very strongly about these beliefs. I believe these limiting beliefs are formed by our dieting “Just Do It” culture. I believe that people mistakenly try to do the impossible – which is to succeed at long-term dieting.
Unfortunately trying to succeed at dieting is nearly impossible, so untold millions of people have developed deep seated beliefs they are failures. These beliefs can be planted very deep. If you are having a hard time changing beliefs around food and want another solution, I recommend this book here, Brain over Binge.
And … these beliefs are hard to change. 
However these 7 steps are formulated in context of the Hero’s Journey, a story of transformation. By walking through these steps you’re going to face:
– challenges like fear of food
– rituals like getting rid of your scale
– meeting allies like your inner hunger guide
By undergoing this weight loss journey, your story will begin to change as you see yourself in context of a greater struggle. Your story & your personality will become empowered as you learn skills that each step represents.
Now I know this sounds a bit fluffy.
Each day has:
– videos
– worksheets
– useful, information
– images and diagrams
– case studies
It’s designed to give you an in-depth look into what I a unique, storytelling and skill based framework to:
– curing binge eating (see testimonial on day one)
– stopping food cravings and obsessions
– helping you become a more compassion loving person by completely changing your relationship with food
– defeat food anxiety
– lose weight by returning to your normal weight and by letting go of the constant body shaming
For more info, check out this post here on alternative weight loss.

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