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First step to losing weight loss in San Francisco Bay Area

first step to losing weight
First step to losing weight is realizing …
People who are ‘normal’ with food don’t diet!
Your Means Don’t Equal Your Ends
If your end goal is to be a body builder then yes, go ahead and diet. Go ahead and “think” about your food. Plan when, where, how much, how many calories, etc. Micromanage your food and track it, yes.
But if you have a different end goal …
If your end goal is to simply be normal around food …
Then you better copy the behavior of someone who is normal around food!
Because people who are ‘normal’ around food and don’t feel afraid, guilty or traumatized are doing certain behaviors …
Please note I’m not talking about your health-nut friend here. We all have a super thin, healthy, somewhat unintentionally snobby friend. This person is VERY “mindful” about their health … but their energy is obsessive.
That’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about something WAY different!
Like the chill person around food. They could be a lil’ bigger, or a lil’ smaller, it doesn’t matter.
But they are just relaxed around food. It’s like food is in the background of their mind, they aren’t really thinking about food. They are just you know, enjoying themselves at a party, eating a normal meal at a restaurant.
What the hell are those people doing?

It’s almost like they are magically regulating their weight!!!

(and no, while they may have good genes and metabolism that’s not the reason why)
The reason these people effortlessly maintain a healthy weight is because their means = their end. 
What the heck are these people doing?
They aren’t dieting, calorie counting or exercising excessively.
Here’s what they are doing:
– listening to their hunger (they have built the skill of hunger awareness and honor their hunger each day)
– they are not thinking about food that much (they have learned to trust their body and their appetite to tell them when, what and how much to eat)
– they are not ruminating about past experiences with food
– they are not 100% relying on food to manage their emotions (they have developed self-care strategies and skills so they don’t emotionally eat)
– they can distinguish between emotional hunger and physical hunger (another skill)
And the list goes on …
These skills I just listed above …
These are what ‘normal’ people with food are doing!
If you want to be normal around food too, then do these things!
The good news is you can learn all these skills, and rapidly improve.
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