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Trusting your body

how to trust yourself around food

Here are a few reasons why Trusting Your Body is necessary to make peace with food and to stop binge eating

1 – Food Is Emotional – you can’t logically control your mind. That’s why diets based on willpower and control all backfire eventually. Willpower tires you out. You need to find a way to flow with your emotions, to work with your emotions. When you can flow with your emotions, this is trust.

2 – We Evolved To Trust Our Body’s Around Food – go back 10,000 years ago and you won’t find any monkey’s on dieting plans. No, our ancestors evolved an intuitive gut-instinct to regulate their hunger. This ability is intrinsic to being human. You can learn this skill. This is also trusting your body, the way it’s been done for the entire evolution of human history.

3 – Trust With Food Means Self-Confidence -let’s be honest here, problems with food are not about food. They are about inner emotions, and your own self-esteem. Therefore, how you eat is how you live life. To have confidence means that you are “with faith”. To learning to trust your emotions and live with an inner security is key to living a great life, not just with food.


So this post was inspired by a bunch of books my friend gave me.

The seeds were planted a few months ago when my friend Mark gave about 50 marketing books…

(I know. Long story there. But yes. I got about 50 marketing books, all at once. Crazy!)

Anyways, I was going home for the holidays just a few weeks ago and right before I left the house my eyes happened upon a book …

Trust-Based Marketing by Dan Kennedy.

And I read the book and loved the simple message:

That trust is the foundation of all successful businesses.

And there are sooo many “trust” parallels┬áto weight loss too!

See, in business these days there are a lot of “distractions”

– social media

– blogging

– ads

And in weight loss too there a lot of distractions:

– another new diet

– another new type of workout

– another new tactic to get to bed earlier or stress less

And the very interesting thing to me is …

In business trust with you is the most important thing.

And in weight loss, trust with yourself is the most important thing.

Trust is the most important thing.

Like if you can’t trust me, why would you ever trust me with your personal story and take advice from me?

Likewise, if you can’t trust your body, how could a diet or set of rules replace this vital, heartfelt connection?

This thing – trust – that’s what’s most important.

Because without trust, everything else is a distraction.

Now I’m about to go teach a yoga class …

Where I basically tell people to trust their body!

And most importantly …

I’m going to tell people that they can learn to trust their body more and more …

That trust is a skill that can developed, refined, and perfected.

In yoga trust starts out with your breath.

In weight loss enlightenment, trust begins to develop as you pay attention to your hunger.

So go out there and breathe, eat and trust!