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Last updated on April 28, 2020

I have a dream …

To create the world’s best intuitive eating program.

Because the world is in a weight loss paradigm that’s soooo FOOLISH! I believe the world needs to enlighten.

I believe that one way we can help the world enlighten is by starting with our very basic building blocks of life …

Food. I have a dream to help enlighten the way the world relates to it’s food, and contribute to the growing Intuitive Eating movement already established.

I want to someone who feels:

– confused about dieting

– afraid of food

– distrustful of their body

– hatred of themselves because of their failure to lose weight dieting

To transform into:

– confident and at ease around food

– dramatic boosts in self-compassion

– someone who is effortlessly at their natural weight whatever that weight is

I want this program to have:

– appropriate challenges so participants are stretched but don’t get overwhelmed.

– coach/counseling so everyone gets one-on-one attention.

– for people to get to know each other as the program progresses via group experiences (like group calls and one day retreats, trips, etc)

– video, reading, images, quizzes and worksheets to maximize learning potential

– community and interwoven relationships

That’s my goal this year. To create the course and transform lives. 

I’ve got the first week done. (I’ll be dripping the rest of course out these next few months to the current group of people I’m working with and doing group calls with.)

This is an introductory week and you can check it out for free by clicking here.

It’s 6 lessons in one week, but don’t worry about completing the 6 lessons in one week. It’s a self-paced course so you can go at whatever pace you’d like. Every 3rd lesson there is a call with me you can schedule. The first call is just for us to talk. I want to hear your story!!!

I’m not going to bring up any thing sales related during this call I just want to get to know where you’re coming from. After the 6th lesson you can schedule another call to learn more about the rest of the group, coaching, learning content, etc.

Sorta like Netflix!

Netflix gives everyone a free trial. That way someone can ‘feel’ Netflix out and see if it’s for them. I am doing the same thing because I believe in trust (and 100% refunds go without saying if for any reason you sign up and want money back, although I’ve never had that happen).

Because trust grows over time as you experience something and know what you’re getting into. As you see and feel for yourself …

Check it out here.



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