9 months ago

Enlightened Eating South Bay events!

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I’m going South Bay local!!!!

This means:

  • I’ll be holding casual luncheons every Tuesday at 11:30am at Panera Bread in North San Jose
  • Every Saturday morning I’ll be holding mindful support groups where we’ll discuss an element of Intuitive Eating and how to change your relationship with food

Instead of running facebook ads and trying to go BIG online …

I’m going focus on building trust by going local.

This is a big shift for me.

Because I’ve always struggled with a ‘data obsession’.

I love analyzing the blog, website, and facebook ad data.

I get a relaxed, calm feeling looking at the numbers.

But truth be told, I also just like being in my room working alone.

I don’t have to face rejection that way.

But …

My priority now is local!

Because this is about people.

This is about connection.

And if I don’t start there with you …

Connecting with you then none of this stuff matters.

So come see me at an event sometime!


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