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Good food versus bad food

Last updated on April 28, 2020

The other day I heard someone talk about Good Food Versus Bad Food.
And I know it’s really tempting to think of foods this way.
Our society teaches us that certain foods are BAD – donuts, pizza, ice cream, etc
On the other hand, certain foods are GOOD – spinach, fruits, protein, etc
Yet, in an interesting article by the American Council On Science and Health …
They note there are several downfalls by thinking of food in terms of Good Versus Bad.
  • Individual foods effect people differently
  • Our interpretation of “good” is constantly changing (remember when eggs were considered terrible?)
  • There’s no context in thinking of foods as good or bad
Now about this last point of context. Say you haven’t eaten all day long and you’re starving.
You have a pizza in front of you or some broccoli. Which should you choose?
Pizza is typically perceived as BAD while broccoli is Good. So you should pick broccoli, right?
Obviously, no.
You’re starving. You need food.
By labeling food as good or bad you might miss a more important point…
Staying Attuned To Your Body Is What’s Most Important!!!
So just remember that foods are simply energy.
Stop labeling foods and really start to pay attention to your hunger levels and how foods make you energetically feel.
That’s what is most important.
PS – I’ll be teaching & talking about this concept in a mindfulness-based support group this upcoming Saturday at noon. Location, Riverside Library. Hope to see you there!

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