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The end of perfectionism

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Let’s come together and heal 🙂

Nobody’s perfect. We all need support.

And we all know this too.

The Beatles would say “We all need a lil’ help from our friends.”

Yet despite knowing all too well about our imperfections…

Oftentimes we hold ourselves to the highest standards and end up self-sabotaging!!

So let’s talk about perfectionism.

  • Where does perfectionism stem from?
  • What are the pro’s and con’s of perfectionism?
  • What practical steps can we take in place of perfectionism?

I bring this topic up because a major conversation topic last week at our weekly group meeting was perfectionism.

I’ll paraphrase here, but someone spoke up and bravely said:

“I quit everything I start. I try stuff and then when I fail, I beat myself up. Now I don’t try anything anymore because I know that I’ll fail before I even start.”

We continued the discussion by exploring:

  • How perfectionism sabotages progress
    • For example, you might do some small positive action but then belittle yourself for not doing more.
  • Self-criticism makes the process of growth miserable
    • If you beat yourself after making progress, you feel bad. If you feel bad, you don’t want to continue.
  • Important keys to beating perfectionism:
    • Set small steps that count as success. Think really small steps! Like walking for 3 minutes a day
    • Make these small steps feel good and don’t beat yourself up afterwards!!

So anyways, this week is going to be about perfectionism.

Because this is a problem I hear about all the time!!!

Just know that you aren’t alone …

In fact, I am starting a private facebook group for this very purpose.

My intention is to provide a safe place online for people to hangout and support each other.

You can join the facebook group here.

– Jared