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Weight loss enlightenment recap!

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Here’s how the 1st Weight Loss Enlightenment weekly group transpired!

5 beautiful souls showed up to participate and share their experiences.

I was really touched!

We started off by laughing a lot. I kinda forget about what we were laughing about but there was almost instantaneous connection it felt like.

And I was feeling really giddy! I was glad once we went into guided mindfulness practice. After 10 or so minutes I was feeling more grounded and relaxed.

Then we learned about an aspect of Dialectical Behavior Therapy and how this technique can help with emotional eating.

The technique was sitting with uncomfortable emotions and specifically about learning about the function of uncomfortable emotions.

This is really important because emotional eating often occurs when you aren’t sure what messages your emotions are telling you! If you can’t understand your emotions, then of course you are going to use food to cope.

For example, by understanding that feeling sadness is a message of grief, we can see sadness for being a natural emotion. Instead of pushing away sadness or pretending sadness isn’t there, we can let sadness in and process sadness emotionally.

This acceptance of negative emotions is key to overcoming emotional eating. As Robert Frost said, “the only way out is through.”

May we all remember that.

Finally, we examined a success story of a woman who stopped binge eating using mindfulness and broke into an open group discussion. (more laughter)

But the best part (for me) was seeing people hangin’ out after a bit and chatting!

I suppose that’s how building a community starts …

A common purpose, a safe space, and conversation!

Anyways …

Until next week!



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