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Perfectionism weight loss – a trap so easy to fall for!

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Last updated on July 11, 2020

Perfectionism weight loss – learn about this evil delusion!

I filmed a video front of the mirror, which you can watch by clicking here
Because so many people have told me …
They look in the mirror and HATE what they see.
So today I give a simple exercise called ‘mirror exposure’
It’s a technique rooted in acceptance and commitment therapy.
All you do is look in the mirror state the TRUTH.
You can do that right? I’m not asking you to say you’re skinny if you’re not.
I’m not asking you to say you love your image when you don’t.
However, I am asking you to speak aloud (or write) the truth. Just the facts.
Doing this can help you shift your perspective!!!!
Because oftentimes we don’t realize we are holding our self-image up to society’s image.
And this sets us up for the trap of perfectionism!!!
Perfectionism then causes us to self-sabotage, quit early or never get started!
I’m going to do a deeper piece of content on this topic in the next day or two, so stay tuned.
Until then,

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