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How to Stop Self Sabotage Weight Loss Behavior (Bay Area) (podcast)

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

How to stop self sabotage weight loss behavior?

This post will cover:

  • The quick trick to stop self sabotage weight loss behavior
  • Why we self sabotage
  • How perfectionism can creep into Intuitive Eating efforts

The quick trick to stop self sabotage is …

Loosen your clothes!

When we diet and restrict, our efforts go in a negative cycle

Therefore, when we start wearing looser clothes we start addressing cause of shame!

Why We Self Sabotage

The overall gist is we self sabotage because well-intentioned parents and culture taught us to.

  • The doctor told us to eat less
  • Parents gave disapproving glares when we ate too much
  • Outright critiques of your body

Stop Self Sabotage Intuitive Eating

It’s easy to hear about intuitive eating and due to cultural/parental programming …

To bring that very mindset into the process of becoming an intuitive eater!!!

  • Unrestricted food can be scary
  • The key is to have structure and not worry about becoming 100% unrestricted all at once – leave that perfectionist mindset at the door!
  • Make the process feel light!

That’s all for now. Here’s another resource article by Greatist if you’d like to learn more.

If you want some help on beginning and succeeding in your journey to becoming an enlightened intuitive eater – don’t wait (time is swiftly passing) schedule a conversation with me today!

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