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Stop self sabotage – loosen your clothes!

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

So how to stop self-sabotage weight loss behavior?

  • A quick trick to stop self sabotage weight loss behavior
  • Why we self sabotage
  • How perfectionism can creep into Intuitive Eating efforts

Hint: my quick trick to stop self sabotage is …

Loosen some your clothes!

A belt, a bra, underwear, an undershirt. Don’t do something that’ll make you uncomfortable.

But experiment! What if you give your body more breathing room? How does that change things?

Because oftentimes we are trying to fit into tiny clothes …

While this can be motivation …

Oftentimes we just judge ourselves because we can’t fit into tinier clothes.

This reinforces the perfectionistic mindset!!!

Meanwhile, when we treat ourselves to slightly bigger clothes …

Our attitude towards our body can change as well!

For more information, check out the more in-depth video I made here!


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