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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Here’s my idea…

Let’s cook and eat together, mindfully.

I believe getting a group together to cook and eat mindfully and study the principles of intuitive eating could really transform lives!!!!

Here’s a quick 3-question survey where you can give me anonymous input and share your ideas.

Please do take a moment and let me know your thoughts!

Overall I am imagining something pretty basic to start out with …

1) Let’s meet at a church kitchen (or wherever else there is a kitchen)

2) Let’s prepare a simple, healthy snack that will keep you full and tastes delicious.

3) Then let’s mindfully eat whatever we prepare

4) After we eat, let’s study and practice a principle of Intuitive Eating

The point of this group would be to learn skills and create a safe group experience to talk about food.

  • Skills
    • Food preparation, nutrition and meal preparation skills
    • Mindful eating skills (including before, during and after eating)
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy skills
  • Safe Group Experience
    • No shame around eating. Eat as much as you want. No judgment. Safe space.
    • Discuss food obsessions, crazy cravings, binges, etc

I’ll keep your posted with more details as this event unfolds …

For now, just let me know your ideas using this form here!


Oh and more thing since you made it all the way down here!

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