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Stop food cravings

Stop food cravings

So how your mouth can’t stop watering and you’re wondering “How do I stop food cravings and sugar withdrawal?”

I believe the only way you can really stop cravings is by stopping deprivation.

On the surface stopping deprivation sounds like a good thing. No one wants to be deprived, right?

However to truly beat deprivation, you need to let go of controlling your food.

And that’s terrifying!!!!

So I made a video/podcast episode about this dilemma.

I believe it’s my best video yet.

Before recording, I sat and really tried to remember my struggles…

The hatred of my body for eating food again and gaining all the weight back …

I really tried to channel what got me into Intuitive Eating a decade ago …

Check the video out here.

I talk about:

  • The root cause of craving
  • Why “bad” foods automatically cause cravings
  • How unconditional food freedom can set you free
Hope you enjoy!
PS – Our weekly Saturday group at noon is getting larger and people are coming back for seconds! A little community is growing in South Bay 🙂