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Erase food rules stop binging

Erase food rules stop binging

Binge eating can be really confusing.

Like why? Obviously sometimes you’re just plain old hungry and eat a bit too much.

But other times you’re not even hungry. Maybe you just ate.

In this YouTube video I describe how your thoughts around food can be “restrictive” and this restriction can lead to a binge.

A common exercise I do with people (which you can do at home) is identifying food thoughts.

Here’s the exercise:

1. Write out a list of foods that you think are bad, unhealthy, forbidden, etc

2. Write out what thoughts come to mind for each of these foods. For example, “chocolate” has too much sugar and will make me fat.

3. Challenge your interpretations with a more balanced perspective.

Because oftentimes our thoughts are black-and-white and filled with perfectionism. These thoughts then cause an inner feeling of restriction which ultimately leads to a binge.

Watch the video to discover more tangible examples of getting rid of black and white thinking!

(or listen to the podcast Weight Loss Enlightenment)

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