6 months ago

Free intuitive eating group saturday 12pm

If you are in South Bay …

Come to our Intuitive Eating Learning & Support Group tomorrow!

The format is based on the renowned tradition of Overeaters Anonymous.
Except instead of the 12-steps, we focus on the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating. Here are some other differences:
  • Longer time – up to 1.5 hours instead of 1 hour
  • Open group discussion – instead of checkins
  • I also throw in a “learning” exercise as well
So here’s how it goes:
  • 5 min Greeting
  • 5 min Mindfulness
  • 10 min Intuitive Eating Reading
  • 10 min Learning Exercise
  • 30-60 mins Open group discussion
What I love most about the open group discussion is that there’s no set time limit!
Some groups go longer, others go shorter. It all depends on the energy and participation you bring.
I’ll see you tomorrow!
Jared Levenson
PS – if you can’t find us please message me at 614-385-3455


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