11 months ago

Mo more disordered eating secrecy!

no more disordered eating secrecy!

There’s an Intuitive Eating support group tomorrow …

I remember being so surprised the first time I went to an Overeater’s Anonymous group.

All around me were normal looking people.

I would have never known some of these people would admit to:

  • Feeling like a “food addict”
  • Experiencing totally out of control compulsions
  • Fear of food

In fact, one lady at a recent meeting said she was able to hide her behaviors for years…

Because she never gained or lost much weight.

So her weight and appearance never alerted her friends that something inside was deeply wrong, deeply hurt…

So just know …

Your relationship with food, ideally, should be positive!

And most of all …

Don’t hide! Secrecy can be your damnation.

Don’t let guilt and secrecy torture you.

Find a friend, a counselor, a group …

Some people that you can trust and share your struggles with.

If you are in South Bay and free tomorrow at noon, there will be a such a group meeting at the Northside Rivermark Library.

For more information, click here.

I’d love to see you!

I feel really blessed to have some people coming back week after week …

And even bringing their friends too 🙂

Warms my heart ♥

– Jared

PS I am going to be giving out free intuitive eating journals to people who show up this week! So see you tomorrow hopefully 🙂

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