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How to stop emotional eating and lose weight in the Bay Area

stop emotional eating and lose weight

Let’s dive further into how you can stop emotional eating and lose weight.

Our previous post in this 3-part series …

Told the story of a man who didn’t know he had an Emotional Eating Disorder.

(and gave practical info about discovering if you have a problem with Emotional Eating)

This 2nd post some of the mindset obstacles this man overcame:

  • How to tell the difference between REAL hunger versus FAKE hunger
  • Why Exercising to BURN calories is bad
  • The Single Most Common Deadly Mistake After Binge Eating (Hint: Guilt)

Stop Emotional Eating Starts With REAL Hunger

I remember back in the day when I used to wrestle …

My stomach would be GROWLING!

But I would be IGNORING.

And later on when I became addicted to marijuana …

I remember how I would become LONELY and smoke to feel better.

(Transparent Side Note: I never was a huge Emotional Eater. My struggles around emotions in the past have taken the form of marijuana dependency. The struggle is the same; a desire to avoid painful emotions using a substance)

Anyways …

This man’s transformation story (which I told in the previous post) …

Began by overcoming the following mental obstacle:

By realizing the following insights…

(I am going to provide a series of insights to convey the depth of this. Just saying one insight leaves a feeling of regret to me)

  • Emotional deprivation feels sorta like PHYSICAL deprivation
  • Not “Feeding” your “Positive” emotions can lead to your “Positive” Emotions feeling “Hungry”
  • Physical hunger is DIFFERENT than Emotional Hunger

So the first step to freedom and to stop binge eating and lose weight …

Is by DEEPLY realizing the difference between Emotional hunger versus Physical Hunger …

And I mean DEEPLY realizing the difference.

Physical hunger comes on gradually. Emotional hunger comes on quickly.

Physical hunger makes your senses (smell, taste, etc) come enlivened! Whereas Emotional Hunger you mainly just want to avoid feeling a painful emotion.

And here are a couple of other signs, which you can read more about on

Physical hungerEmotional hunger
It develops slowly over time.It comes about suddenly or abruptly.
You desire a variety of food groups.You crave only certain foods.
You feel the sensation of fullness and take it as a cue to stop eating.You may binge on food and not feel a sensation of fullness.
You have no negative feelings about eating.You feel guilt or shame about eating.

Lose Weight

The reason I fell in love with yoga …

Was because I liked it.

Previously, I’d always exercise mainly to gain muscle.

Or, BURN calories.

I was either trying to bulk up to look good (I always felt skinny)

Or, I was trying to BURN weight (in order to make weight for wrestling).

And this guy I am working with …

He has the DEEP seated belief that exercise is done to LOSE weight.

But …

Guess how much he exercises?

Like not at all.

See – Exercising to BURN calories is NOT “good” motivation. It’s the worst motivation ever!!!!

You can maybe try to burn calories and exercise and keep exercising for …

Maybe a month?

Probably shorter.

Can you relate? Where you try to exercise, but just fall short in terms of motivation?

It could be that you are viewing EXERCISE as a was to BURN calories.

And that simply isn’t good motivation.

Perhaps you also have improper mindsets and outlooks which are keeping you stuck in BINGE EATING and preventing you from living a life free from food anxiety.

If that’s you, I’d highly suggest scheduling a free strategy call with me so we can DEEP dive into and excavate those deep mindsets (and be restored to truth).

Because the solution (for this particular mindset)

Is to LOVE Exercise …

Not to BURN CALORIES, but because exercise FEELS good.

The Biggest Mistake You Need To Overcome To Stop Binge Eating

Overall though…

The biggest mistake to overcome …


I know this is easy said than done…

But self-compassion is the bridge.

When you can see your failings objectively…

Like binge eating. Just seeing yourself binge eat.

Like just how you see that the sky is blue.

Look outside.

The sky is blue.

That’s a fact…right?

But what sort of feelings does this fact bring up in you?

No feelings? The sky is blue. You are neutral.

The same thing is true for binge eating.

You are binge eating. Neutral.

This is the mental attitude of self-compassion (in a nutshell).

And when you have this attitude …

You can start to understand YOUR personal reasons WHY you’re binge eating…

And then you can FREE yourself from perfectionistic thinking …

And binge eating will disappear into the horizon.

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