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Last updated on April 28, 2020

why can't I stop eating?
Why can’t I stop eating?”
The Overeater’s Anonymous meeting had just started when someone popped the question.
“I’m a food addict in recovery. I know all about the 12 steps and how my rage leads to binges…
“But I’ve calmed down. I’ve made progress. Yet why can’t I stop eating?”
I just wanted to say this person’s question really touched my heart and I wanted to create a Youtube video in response.

In this video I answer “Why can’t I stop eating?”:

– Give you a blueprint to identify the underlying reasons why you can’t stop eating
– List common blindspots that may be blocking you from food peace
– Give a step-by-step exercise to identify food rules
Because …
I remember when I first started living as a monk.
Paradoxically, there was an abundance of food.
Normally you’d think living as a monk you’d have very LITTLE food.
(That was my experience in thailand when I begged for food)
But not in America. No, living as a Zen Monk at Tassajara, on the coast of California, the food was GOOD.
And every 5th day I would STUFF my face full of food.
I’d have the day off, every 5th day, so I could gorge like a starving hyena.
I’d get my plate …
And GOBBLE it down privately in my room.
I’d then go to sleep, and wake up feeling BLOATED and GUILTY.
I felt like a food addict. Yet then, I saw this diagram (which I talk about more in the video):
For once, I could study my binge eating habits!
Understanding this cycle is the blueprint to stopping your binge eating.
Because binge eating is complex. It’s tricky. There’s no single easy solution.
So to answer the original question …
“Why Can’t I Stop Binge Eating?”
The answer is that one of those points in the above diagram …
Somehow you are ‘misaligned’ in one or more of those points.
It’s like a hose.
You are trying to get water out of the hose, but no water is coming out.
This means the hose has a kink in it.
Now does the hose have many kinks in it? Or just one?
I don’t know.
But we know there’s at least one kink. That’s why you can’t stop binge eating.
So study this diagram if you can’t stop binge eating!!!!
Analyze, think, discover – what points am I not understanding, ignoring, or not aware of?
Because if you can’t stop binge eating …
One or more of these points are holding you back!
What points do you need to practice yoga eating skills on?
(yoga eating skills is a concept I love to teach people – it’s basically applying yoga practices and principles to working with food)
If you’d like some help identifying which areas you need some help in, you can learn about a connecting with me during schedule a call with me here.

And last but not least ...

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