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The Death of Dieting (Controversial)

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Another person new to Intuitive Eating recently announced “my friend lost 30 lbs following a diet”.

Give me a break.

I want to take a hard stance on this matter.

I know that diets seem like they work (especially when your friend loses weight on a diet)

But diets DON’T work and in this video post I describe exactly why.

To summarize the video for you…

First, long-term research says diets are either a) TERRIBLE for you or b) 0% effective.

(link to scientific article here)

But what about “my friend who lost 30 lbs”?

What about the science that weight loss company’s cite?

Let me show you one simple picture, from the research center of Weight Watchers:

As you can see the web address is from the Weight Watcher’s research center…
Yet in blue I’ve highlighted the fact that Weight Watcher science ONLY measures up to 12 months!
This explains why …
a) you see your friend losing weight on a diet
b) diet companies can promote their products using “science”
c) why you feel confused about how diets are bad versus how your friend and diet company diets are good
You are only focusing on the short-term!
Insider Tip: This is why in Intuitive Eating we realize that our bodies, our personal truth, is the best indicator of what’s real.
If diets have worked for you in the long-term, great.
(For about 5% of people, diets do in fact work in the long-term.)
Yet for about 95% of people, diets BACKFIRE in the long-term.
If that’s you…
Then it’s time to reconnect to your body.
It’s time to let go of all the “noise” and different opinions and tune inwardly.
By learning to listen to your body, you’ll be able to stop overeating and binge eating simply because dieting isn’t what your body is meant to do!
Your “Anti-Diet Enlightened Eating” Coach,
Jared Levenson
Intuitive Eating Mentor
Let Go Of Weight Loss For Food Peace
P.S. It’s common to try dieting and weight loss. However, you really have to get out of that dieting paradigm if you want to make peace with food. Paradoxically, you have to let go of weight loss first!
When you try to do everything at once, you fail. So let of dieting. Work on your relationship with food, your body and your soul. Heal. Then, after you have uprooted dieting beliefs and sabotage behaviors, focus on nutrition.

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