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Long Term Effects of Keto Diet For Guys In The Bay Area (Podcast)

Long Term Effects of Keto Diet

“So what about keto?” asks a man who is tired of dieting. “What are the Long Term Effects of a Keto Diet?”

He goes on. “I hear Keto is different. Keto speeds up your metabolism.”

I zone out for a second.

Embarassing, I know, but having worked as a Personal Trainer for several years, I’ve heard this spiel before.

Many times. Atkins, Zone diet, Slim Fast, etc.

“This diet program will be different.”

So in this post I am going to CLARIFY:

  • What research makes clear for ALL diets
  • What are the side effects of ALL types of diets, including keto
  • Tell you why diet programs now advertise as ‘lifestyle’ programs

The Keto Diet Side Effects Are No Different

Here is a picture from John Hopkins University.

John Hopkins University is always in the news. You’ve heard of them before.

John Hopkins they decided to ask…

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Now …


How come don’t diets work? I cover the most POWERFUL reason why diets don’t work in this article here in-depth.

The short answer is time. In the short time, diets work. Yet in long time, diets don’t work.

In fact, diets backfire in the long run.

The Biggest Diet Side Effect Is Failure

keto diet side effects
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Honestly though …

I have seen too many people be confused.

They see their friends, dieting, they see dieting WORKING.

But again, dieting doesn’t work long term, although temporarily it appears too.

Just Be Aware …

For many people …

Dieting causes the following symptoms:

  • Binge-Eating
  • Weight Cycling (or “yo-yo dieting”)
  • Food Obsession
  • Compulsive Eating
  • Emotional Eating
  • and pretty much any kind of clinical *eating disorder* you can think of.

We humans—like all other animals—have evolved to regulate our food and weight naturally through instinct, feeling, hunger, etc.,

NOT calorie counts, nutrition facts, food labels, or “food rules.”

This is true whether you are on Keto, Jenny Craig, or any other thing…

Let’s examine the basic definition of a diet:

It’s my belief that diets USED to be like the first definition.

This is when major weight loss companies tried promoting diet programs.

Yet then people started realizing …


And so the weight loss companies realized …

They better change their word ‘diet’ into something else…

Like ‘Lifestyle’

Which is close to the original definition of diet, but I don’t know…

Just makes me sad.

The word diet used to mean something beautiful, and now we have to replace that word with something else because we screwed up the first word.

Anyways, if dieting has screwed you up.

Just realize you’re not alone.

And if you’d like to learn more about intuitive eating … download my free (and might I say beautiful and great guide) here

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