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Sad dieting lies and the “benefits” of Keto

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

I hate dieting lies. They make me sad.
The other day I sat down met a guy interested in learning about intuitive eating.
He asked a lot of questions.
“What about keto?” he asked. “Do you have any tricks on how to get into ketosis?”
I felt sad when he asked these questions.
Sad because these dieting lies get planted so deep.
So many people have “followed diets” and yet their weight and body image struggles have gotten worse!
And here’s what I mean by “lies getting planted so deep.”
People blame themselves:
– for not being disciplined enough
– for lacking willpower
– for somehow being flawed
But this is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.
It just can’t be done.
Yet you blame yourself.
Dieting doesn’t work. Yet you blame yourself.
This is the lie that’s been planted.
Because Keto, all diets …
UC Berkeley points a grim picture of dieting. According to UCB’s long-term research:
  • Binge-Eating
  • Weight Cycling (or “yo-yo dieting”)
  • Food Obsession
  • Compulsive Eating
  • Emotional Eating
  • and pretty much any kind of clinical *eating disorder* you can think of.
So stop thinking about the benefits of any diet!
No more thinking “once I reach kitosis” THEN I will lose weight, feel better, etc
This same mentality applies to ALL diets.
– Once I get my food planned out for me THEN I’ll XYZ
– Once I stay under my points then I’ll XYZ
Here’s how you can avoid this type of thinking:
Start connecting with people locally over food who value nondiet mentality.
Like literally eat intuitively with them.
The best way to learn new ways or relating to food is by actually eating food with people who KNOW how to behave differently around food.
Learn from them. Single best way.)
Start learning and studying all the ways you diet and start undoing your diet mentality.
These are the core concepts I’m behind what’s in my new membership program.
– you eat with others locally
– you have videos/group discussions and study online (2x per month)
– have a group
We’ve already done one dinner and had a blast!
Next sunday (the 17th) will be the first online group workshop…
You can try a few weeks out for free too.
Then just $20 bucks a month.
Your Truth-Teller Coach,
Jared Levenson
Enlightened Eating Counselor
“The Biggest Enlightenment Is Letting Go Of Weight Loss”
P.S. A few days from now I’ll tell you more about what happened just yesterday (3/8) when another guy asked me about “What if I can’t stop myself from eating?”

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