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Ranting TRUTH About Intuitive Eating

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Hey Paul,
I LOVE intuitive eating.
It basically saved my life.
It got me out of the prison that was wrestling / dieting.
Intuitive Eating made me look at myself, especially the parts of myself I didn’t wish I had.
I had to own the truth:
I am a sensitive guy.
I need a lot of sleep otherwise I get cranky. I can be easily offended (and then try to deny that I wasn’t offended – even worse!)
For many years I’d try to deny my sensitivity …
To pretend I am all tough and stuff…
Wrestling and all that stuff …
Even becoming a monk was in some way my attempt to be seen as unique because deep down I craved validation.
But more than that …
I craved self-validation, which was something I never got much of in life.
Maybe I never learned how.
So intuitive eating brings me back to Loving Myself –
Like even just yesterday I felt a lil’ guilty for lounging on the couch for a few hours.
But honestly, I was tired.
And I whispered to myself “It’s OK to be tired.”
And so this Sunday at 1:30pm at Nulife Yoga Studio …
You’re invited to come and accept yourself wherever you are on your health journey.
A group of us will be hanging out on the couches near the gently pouring waterfall.
(We won’t be in the yoga studio, but the lounge room outside the yoga studio)
And we’re going to be learning about intuitive eating.
I’m going to be focusing on one topic in particular:
The keys are to:
1) identify the problem of restriction
2) get clarity into how you personally restrict
3) gain awareness into ‘letting go’ of restriction
Remember – Weight Loss Enlightenment is FREEDOM from weight loss.
It’s about letting go of the weight loss obsession.
Letting go of dieting is a tough sell for some people.
Because for years they’ve tried dieting and it can be hard to learn something new, especially in such a sensitive topic as weight loss.
But wherever you are try to accept yourself with compassion.
This will enable you to accept the truth of dieting
This may hurt because you might interpret this to mean your other attempts at dieting were personal failures.
We’ll be going into why you TRULY deserve your own forgiveness.
You. Need. To. Forgive. Yourself. For. Dieting.
It wasn’t your fault it didn’t work.
If you can’t forgive yourself, you’ll never move on.
I went on a random rant the other day on facebook …
About how easy it is to believe in dieting …
Your NonDiet Coach,
Jared Levenson
“Your Biggest Enlightenment Is Letting Go Of Weight Loss
P.S. Get ready. I’m not sure when this next workshop will be. We’ll also probably limit invitations to our next free mindful eating event to only attendees (just so we all know each other while we mindfully eat dinner together).
See you sunday >>

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