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I ditched my slides and got a 5-star review

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Hi Paul,
This review was particularly touching…
Even though the weekly meeting at noon Tuesday was pretty much normal ….
For one reason: I didn’t use any slides or presentations.
Guy comes in. We talk.
A few hours later, a 5-star review.

(2 reviews on google, 24 on thumbtack with 4.8 rating)

I wish this happened every tuesday or saturday – which is usually whenever I hold one of my sitins at the library!
But perhaps the review came because I ditched the INFORMATION and instead focused on the CONNECTION.
I wanted to share this message with you because it can be scary letting go of the information, structure or routine.

For me Paul, having my slides was my routine. My backup. My certainty.

And for many people I work with, diets are their certainty.

Diets are predictable.

There are rules.

Everything is clear.

And this guy wasn’t so sure …

He was smart.

He knew diets had failed him. So he was skeptical.

Yet at that same time, from my perspective, he was hesitant about NOT dieting.
I wanted to tell this guy so much:
– long-term science on dieting showing dieting backfires
– long-term dieting actually huge predictor of body shame, mistrust in body, and fear of food > leads to more weight regain
– and finally, that intuitive eating is a beautiful, healing approach …
Where nobody TELLS U what to eat.
I know this can be scary.

But honestly, ditching the diet rules forces you to CONNECT.

With you.
So here’s to connection.

What would happen in your life if you CONNECTED MORE with you?
Your Inspirational Coach/Counselor,
Jared Levenson
“Your Biggest Enlightenment Is Letting Go Of Weight Loss”
PS – Come spend time in relaxation and contemplation this Sunday. I’ll be leading an extremely gentle guided yoga class. Interspersed between poses will be open-ended questions designed to help connect with you inner voice and clarify personal experience around food. Tickets are $20 online / $25 at the door.

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