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Stories from intuitive eating workshop

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Over the weekend we hosted an Intuitive Eating workshop at Nulife Yoga Studio in San Jose.

Now previously I had written to you about how I was focusing on Connection, instead of Information …

Because we’ve all been to really boring presentations! And they suck!!!!

You know, where so much information is presented to you that you can’t remember it, let alone apply it?


Focusing on Connection worked.

People were able to share, get to know each other, and honestly just hangout.

We also had plenty of time to mindfully eat some raspberries too 🙂

The setting was beautiful, with a waterfall trickling behind us, ahhhh.

With all this connecting and hanging out, a few personal stories emerged …

These stories contained valuable lessons like:

  • “What if I can’t feel my hunger?”
  • “I’m scared I’m going to keep eating bad foods.”
  • “Hard to accept diets don’t work”

I wanted to share these stories with you.

So I created a video and written post so that you can see what the workshop was about.

Of course, I’m taking out names and relevant details.

But these stories are real and here’s the most important thing …

You can learn from other people.

By coming together and sharing our stories, we can become stronger.

You can read /watch me share these stories with you by clicking here.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks about our next Intuitive/Mindful Eating event.



Enlightened Eating Community Builder.

PS – Did you know we have an instagram page going too? @weight_loss_enlightenment

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