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Best thing about weight loss enlightenment

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Would this change your life?

Imagine sitting around a table with close friends.

But instead of the usual gossip and tales of past times …

You’d spend the first few moments, along with everyone else, to acknowledge your hunger levels and checkin with your emotional state.

Then as a group you would enjoy some delicious food!

Savoring, eating mindfully as a group, and even …

Pausing half-way thru the meal, as a group.

And of course there would be talking/conversation too going on – before, during, and after the meal.

Maybe a lil’ meditation to begin and yoga afterwards …

And definitely no criticisms though about too much on your plate!

Or how you should eat this or that, or subtle obnoxious comments about your weight!!!


Paul, just imagine an intuitive eating community …

A community dedicated to changing your relationship with food in a practical way.

Changing your relationship with food from one of anxiety/shame to one of peace and health.

And what’s the fastest way to reprogram your brain’s relationship with food?

Practice intuitively eating food with other people.

Sit down and eat food with other people.

Not people who will criticize you or judge you …

But sit and eat with people who will support you, motivate you and offer you compassionate accountability.

(Accountability not in the weight watcher’s sense where you publically weigh yourself to be held ‘accountable’)

No, just eating together as normal people.

That’s what ancient civilizations and tribes all around the world did for millions of years.

They sat and ate food together.

This is what I believe is the best thing about the movement ‘weight loss enlightenment’.

So here’s the deal:

The events will always be free.

But since we are just starting these events, we are just going to be limiting attendance to 10 people maximum.

(We’ve already had one event at a member’s residence in San Jose, and it was great!)

Now just to give priority to people who really value overcoming their dieting history, disordered/emotional eating, or desiring to learn intuitive eating skills …

Anyone in the $20 a month membership program will have first opportunity to RSVP for the next event.

The $20/month also gives you access to ton of other cool things like:

– Give Up Your Scale Online Challenge

– Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls (recording made available if you miss)

– Private Slack Group

You can learn more about the 2-week Free Trial here.

And stay tuned …

We’ll be announcing the date of the next intuitive eating event sometime soon!

Your Enlightened Eating Coach,


Practice, Practice, Practice!

P.S. This is all about your life changing experiences…a specific instance that really showed you were on the right track. That’s what the group is for. We are social animals. Community is how we reprogram fastest. You are the average of the people you surround yourself around!

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