Why scariest part of intuitive eating is not so scary

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Let’s get the elephant out of the room.
Intuitive Eating is downright terrifying.
Can you imagine purposefully eating food that has made you binge?
Let’s say you binge on ice cream …
(but you can also binge on fondue or anything really)
Maybe once a week you come home starving …
And gobble ice cream down like a crazed maniac.
Pints are inhaled. Your stomach becomes stretched and bloated. You tell yourself to stop, but you don’t.
The next morning you feel like a piece of sh*t. A worthless piece of sh*t.
So … (pay attention here)
You look at the ice cream container and think …
“I will never do that again. I will never eat that ice cream again.”
And then you make this conclusion, either consciously or unconsciously:
“Ice cream is bad. Ice cream made me binge. Ice cream is scary.”
This conclusion becomes your emotional truth.
In your gut, you feel the ice cream is bad. It’s just a bad food. It’s energy and vibration and everything about ice cream is bad.
And now when Intuitive Eating comes prancing into your life and says …
Eat The Food That Made You Binge.
Your gut instinct is like HELL NO.
Hell. No.
So yes, this is the scariest part of Intuitive Eating.
There will always be some fear.
But let me share with you a story about dogs …
Which will illustrate the psychological principle clarifying why you don’t have to be afraid of eating the foods that make you binge.
(If you want to watch me tell the story, you can watch the video on my facebook page here)
This story comes from a famous psychology experiment.
I first heard of this science study way back years when I was minoring in psychology at Cal Poly.
Essentially, dogs became conditioned to salivate at a bell.
At first dogs didn’t react to bells.
But now every time a bell was wrung, a dog would start to drool automatically.
The dogs would be hungry in their cages.
Then a bell would ring.
Then the dogs would be given food.
Soon the dogs made a mental association.
Bell = Food > Drool
This is called a conditioned response.
However …
There is one VERY IMPORTANT variable people miss over.
The dogs were hungry.
Let me repeat this again because this contains the truth of why you don’t need to fear the foods that make you binge…
The dogs were hungry.
If the dogs had been full when the bell was rung …
They wouldn’t have cared about food or the bell.
The dogs were in a state of deprivation.
They were hungry!!!!
The bell became the stimulus, in context of a deprived state of being.
Now for you and ice cream (or whatever forbidden food you have …)
Ice cream is the stimulus, but deprivation is the background.
Unconsciously the brain just sees that ice cream lead to binging.
That’s because your brain likes simple answers.
So ice cream seems like the reason you are binging.
But only in context of when you’re deprived somehow.
Your brain doesn’t notice all the times you pass up ice cream when you’re full.
It just notices the times you binge eat and tries to make logical conclusions.
But now you know.
You don’t have to be afraid of ice cream, deprivation is the thing to watch out for!!
So when you get out of a state of deprivation, you can eat the foods which previously made you binge, because you have taken away the context of deprivation.
This is the root psychological reason why you don’t have to be afraid.
Now please note there will still be fear.
Once you know something logically, then you’re behavior can open up and you can try something emotionally.
But there will still be fear.
But the only way through the fear is to get out of deprivation, and eat the foods which made you binge.
It’s scary. Yes. But that’s the darn truth for you.
Your Enlightenment Coach,
Jared Levenson
Just Keepin’ It Real

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