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Interview with eating disorder expert

interview with eating disorder expert

Just recorded an amazing interview!!!!

You’ll definitely want to listen to this…

My first podcast interview with Wendy, an eating disorder expert.

(the link will take you to our video of the conversation on facebook)

Wendy had an eating disorder from age until she finally defeated it decades later.

Since then she has become an Eating Disorder Counselor for the past 20 years.

She talks and shares about some of her struggles:

– obsessively worrying about food

– going to bed each day feeling like a failure

– trying endless diets only to regain weight

– discovering intuitive eating and crying for her first 3 sessions

Wendy is a wealth of experience, personality, humor and so much more!

Here is her website too and she offers a free consultation:)

Overall, we had a great connection too and I just really enjoyed talking to her.

The energy was smooth and I learned a lot myself.

I know you’ll get tremendous value by listening to this interview on wordpress.



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