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How to start intuitive eating

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Last updated on April 28, 2020

Yes, this is going to sound cliche, but honestly the way to start is by taking a breath.

00:12                                     Especially if we’re talking to someone who’s gotten the intuitive eating book, has read the book and has connected with even 50% of the book, then …

00:23                                     Start by just allowing space to take a breath.

00:26                                     To be grateful for the increased awareness…

00:33                                     And to start noticing how foods are in charge of you, instead of you being in charge of the foods…

00:51                                     Notice that a sense of constant like fight or flight or panic, like every day you’re supposed to solve this problem and every day you don’t. And so it, you know, it’s very pervasive and so being able to just pause…

01:05                                     And know that you’re okay, it’s going to be okay and you’re about to experience some really change, some change to your life, I think is the best way to start.

That’s all for today.

Your Enlightened Eating Coach,

Jared Levenson

PS – Our group at the library on Saturdays is growing.

We mainly hang around and talk. I might show a powerpoint slide or two.

On the rare occasion we’ll meditate.

Stay tuned for an update tomorrow around 130 on my facebook live.

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