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The ‘bible’ of intuitive eating

the 'bible' of intuitive eating

This book officially started the revolution.

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I first stumbled onto this book a few years ago …

I was in graduate school at the time.

An offhand textbook reference was made to the growing movements of Mindful Eating and this other thing called Intuitive Eating …

At that time I was feeling disillusioned in my Personal Training career.

I was working at a gym …

And my boss was telling me to get my clients on diet plans.

I felt – on an intuitive level – that something was wrong.

Diets just felt icky.

Something rubbed me the wrong way.


So I just went along for months handing out diet plans left and right …

All the while feeling secretly guilty.

I didn’t know about Intuitive Eating.

Like most people, I thought diets and weight loss were the only ways to achieve health.

I didn’t know there was an alternative path…

So when I read about Intuitive Eating in counseling graduate school …

I remember a fire being lit under me.

I finally had the words to speak what I knew intuitively …

Diets were bad!

Doing the ‘yoga of weight loss’ (as I like to say) was good!

This was the book that sparked serious motivation underneath me.

This is one the significant books that clarified my life purpose.

And it’s also the book that officially started the Intuitive Eating movement.

For whatever reason …

This book caught on like wildfire.

This is the book that started it all.

And so for that reason, I’m recommending it to you.

You don’t have to agree with the message 100%.

Agreeing with a new message 100% is foolhardy.

You need to test and try this concepts and see how they apply to your life.

Don’t just become an intuitive eater because it’s the new diet in town.



Educate yourself.

There’s something really profound here …

Really against the grain.

It might trigger you.

And if does trigger you, I’d like to know and be able to dialogue with you around that which holds you up when you read this book.

Or, what connects with you.

Or, what you’re curious about learning more of…


Enough inspirational spiel.

The book’s great, you can click here to get it on amazon.


Jared Levenson

PS – I’m feeling so excited right now these days. This membership program, I truly believe in it. I’m lit up talking about it. This community that’s slowly coming into being, is exhilarating me. I’ve also decided to invest in a special Intuitive Eating training program so I can level up my service to you. Just excited for where things are going. Thanks for reading these emails.

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